Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Looking for a Christian Discipleship Course in Europe?

If you are looking for Bible School with a difference, then DNA-Deutschland is for you. This course gives you solid biblical foundations. It gives you practical experience in many areas of Christian life and ministry. It can also be personally tailored for you so that you can emphasise your study and some of your practical training in specific areas.

A core value of DNA is that students are based throughout the year in a host church. It is personal. You don`t get lost in the crowd. It`s a year to help you find out who you are and where you`re going.

DNA-Deutschland is based in Germany. Students meet up for regular training blocks in Berlin and Herrnhut. These two teaching centres also add a deeper dimension to the course. In Berlin you will be in one of Europe`s most significant cities. In Herrnhut you will study in a town that is known for it`s history in missions and 24/7 prayer.

So look no further. DNA is for you. 

Who is the DNA Bible School for?

The DNA-Deutschland Christian training programme is designed for all adults. 

The DNA-Deutschland course is delivered in German and English. Anyone who can understand German or English well and who can communicate clearly in either of these languages is welcome to apply. That makes this Christian discipleship course ideal for Germans and people from it`s neighbouring countries.
Whatever your age, you will benefit from taking a year to do DNA. The course is particularly good for young people doing a gap year between studying and starting a career. It is also great for other adults who are at a crossroads in life. 

DNA helps you go deeper in your relationship with God. It also helps you discover your giftings and sets you on the road to making the most of the potential you have inside you.

If you are an adult and have a year of your life available to study and serve, DNA is for you.

When can I start DNA-Deutschland?

DNA-Deutschland will begin in October 2008. You can apply now. 

For more information check out www.DNA-Deutschland.org

The DNA Deutschland Team

The DNA Deutschland Team have a wide variety of experience in practical church life and ministry. They are based across Germany in Berlin, Herrnhut and Nurnberg.

Paul is German and lives in Germany. He is a respected pastor and minister in Berlin with a wealth of e
xperience. A dynamic person, he is equally at ho
me whether discussing the realities of biblical theory or handing out soup to the homeless and needy. This is a ma
n to listen to, learn from and work alongside.

Nigel and Karen are English. They now live in Berlin and are 
establishing Gnadenhaus as well as DNA-Deutschland. As pastors of a growing and innovative church in the UK, they have worked with DNA students for many years, receiving them as host pastors. They are experienced in all aspects of Church life and organisation and love to see the way that God uses the DNA course to establish and develop people.

Bob and Jan are also English. They live in Nurnberg where they have worked for several years now. Bob was a trainee on the UK DNA course some years ago and is on the DNA UK staff. He has a passion for worship and is involved in mentoring worshippers and musicians from several churches in the Nurnberg region. Jan has a passion for prayer and God uses her in very practical and particular ways to bring reconciliation into the lives of Christians and non-Christians alike.

Frank and Andie are based in Herrnhut. Frank is German. Andie    is English. Currently pastoring, they have experience in teaching and training in a UK Bible School context and on the mission field in South Africa. Their belief in the importance of the Church and passion to see every Christian live a practical and effective life has led them to become involved in establishing DNA-Deutschland.

Helmut and Angie are also based in Herrnhut. They have spent several years pioneering a mission work in Ethiopia and have also worked on staff of a prominent German church and ministry for some years. They love to see God develop people and have a heart for discipleship and mission.

Ricarda is German and also based in Berlin. She has a passion for her nation and believes that effective discipleship is crucial for Christians in Germany today. She is excited to be part of the DNA-Deutschland team.

As well as the DNA-Deutschland team, trainees will receive input from specialist guest speakers who will teach at the training blocks. They will also receive input from their mentors and the pastors of their Host Church.

What are host churches?

DNA works with host churches. These are churches where students live and work for their DNA year. 

A host church may be your home church IF your home church is a partner church that is able to fulfil our host church criteria. Otherwise we will place you with another church.

You will work 4 days a week in the church. You will work on specific projects and will receive mentoring from a mature member of the church. The mentor is trained by us to provide you with effective support during the year.

Host churches are active in their local community and can offer our trainees practical experience in a variety of areas. Sometimes DNA students will start a new area of ministry within the church, helping to birth new projects.

We work closely with host churches to ensure that you get the most out of your DNA year as you live and serve alongside mature men and women of God.

Where does the DNA course come from?

The DNA Christian training course comes from the UK. It has been running successfully for over 20 years. 

It was originally founded with the support of the Pioneer network of churches. It has since grown and developed and is supported by churches across denominations and networks within Britain.

DNA is recommended by many prominent Christians both within and outside of the UK. Some of their comments can be read on our website.

The DNA course is particularly successful because it combines biblical theory with practical outworking. Each student is placed in a host church where they work 4 days a week, study 2 days a week and rest on the remaining day. Students gain practical experience in a variety of areas of Christian ministry. Placements and study options can be arranged to emphasise particular interest areas eg youth work, worship.

DNA has developed over the years. The DNA-Deutschland course has been specially adapted for Germany and Eastern Europe. It includes all the main DNA elements and is practical and relevant for those living in this part of Europe or for those with a heart for this region.

For more information please check out our bilingual DNA-Deutschland website.

What languages do I need?

DNA-Deutschland is a training course based in Germany. It will be taught in English and German. All training sessions will be translated. 
To do this course you must be able to communicate clearly in either English or German. You should be able to understand a teaching session in English or German without help.

We particularly welcome students from Poland and the Czech Republic. You must have a good level of English or German so that you can be placed in a host church. 

The Church placement is a major part of the course. It is essential that you can communicate well with the people you will be living with and working alongside.